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Published and Forthcoming Papers


“Bootstrapping Pre-Averaged Realized Volatility under Market Microstructure Noise” (with U. Hounyo and S. Gonçalves), Econometric Theory, 2017, 33, 791-838.


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Working Papers

“Revisiting Continuous Time Limits of Volatility Processes” (with J. Kim), August 2017.

“Volatility Regressions with Fat Tails” (with J. Kim), April 2017.

“Bootstrapping High-Frequency Jump Tests” (with P. Dovonon, S. Gonçalves and Ulrich Hounyo), June 2015.


``An Analytical Framework for Assessing Asset Pricing Models and Predictability'' (with R. Garcia and R. Tedongap), July 2008.

``Generalized Affine Models” (with B. Feunou), November 2007.

"ARMA Representation of Two-Factor Models", October 2002. pdf, ps.

"Moments of Continuous Time Stochastic Volatility Models", May 2002. pdf, ps.

"An Eigenfunction Approach for Volatility Modeling", October 2001. pdf, ps

"Quadratic M-estimators for ARCH-Type Processes" (with E. Renault), 1997.

"Aggregation and Marginalization of GARCH and Stochastic Volatility Models" (with E. Renault), 1996.